Bizarre “Offal” dish that use Organ as meats excluding Muscle and Bone of Animal

Whenever we talk about food, a very delicious and tasty food items came into our mind. All of us want to try variety of food items available at different places, states and countries and we strongly follow various food items which we like. But have you ever thought that there are large varieties of food items present on this world, which will make us feel bizarre.
Let’s talk about one of the bizarre food item which is available popularly in East Asia, Caribbean, South America and South Africa and many people living over there eat it with so much of fun. But Offal is now widely available in many other parts of East Asia, America and Africa. It’s known as Offal, popularly known as Chicken’s Feet. Offal basically refers to the interior body parts of any animal. The offal does not include the muscular part of the body and bone. This basically includes the liver and kidney of an animal which is being eaten at different parts by the people. This offal is pretty tasty when it is spiced.
There are 21 types of Offal present and cooked. Various types of Offal are Cow Brain, Sheep Brain, Sheep’s Head and Stomach, Goat brain, head etc. boiled internal organ of pigs and many more which vegetarian people can’t even think of to eat. Offal Meat is available at very nominal charges.
Offal Market Scene
If you ever want to taste Offal, it’s better to try it very fresh, body parts tends to become blemish and nasty after some times and it won’t get cooked properly. But fresh offal is very rare to get in the local markets as well as in super markets. Offal meat is to be cooked and eat within two days from the date of purchase. Fresh offal is also available which can be stored in a freezer. When you have cooked, then the offal should be well-ventilated as soon as possible. Eating offal provides a person with rich nutritional value like zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Iron, Copper etc. which are good for building health and stamina.