Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev where Lingam size is increasing Every Year for unknown reason

We always think that only living things grow in life but what if you get to know that  natural stone also grow year by year. This is true in this case where natural stone grow and become the center of attraction for people believe and they  link this with their powerful deity Shiva.

In Indian state Chhattisgarh there is village Marunda  in Gariaband district located between the forest. In this place there is a natural stone also known as lingam. According to native people this is world’s largest natural alive stone and the fact that belong to this is its height and width increasing itself year by year.  Current height of this structure  is 18 feet and  circumference is around  20 feet. According to government official which takes measurement every year its height is increasing constantly approx. 6 to 8 inches per year.

According to story told by people that hundreds of years ago there was a resident landowner Sobha Singh lives in this area. At every evening  Sobha Singh  went in his farm to check his  crops. In his field there is a specific mound shaped place  from that place roaring sound of Lion and sound of bull  came at regular interval. After listening specific voice several times Sobha Singh discussed this matter with villagers.

Villagers also heard this voice several times  and try to discover the source of sound  by discovering Lion and bull but they did  not find anything. When they did not find anything then people began to believe in  the mound shaped place  as the lingam. The people of this village stating that the size of mound shape lingam was very small in the past.

The height and the roundness of this shape increases gradually which is still continues today. The lingam is also shown natural water source, which is coming up slowly to the ground.

This location is also known as Bhuteswaranath and  Bhkura  Mahadev .The religious magazine which published from Gorakhpur in 1959 state the mythical significance of this huge lingam by mentioning it on page number 408 as  world’s great and huge lingam.

According to legend this lingam was worshiped by the ancestors of king Chura of Bidnwagadh .Despite being located amid forests flock of tourist came here in the spring and on Shivaratri festival.

But there is a no scientific explanation for size of stone why it is increasing year by year.