Bermuda Triangle Where Ships and Airplanes disappeared under Mysterious Circumstances

In the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean there is a imaginary triangle defined with three vertices Miami, Puerto Rico and  mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda. This region is not fixed because other than this triangle various paranormal activities recorded outside of this triangle. All is explained by different author who worked on similar incident.
This region collectively called Bermuda Triangle and many ships, boat, people and airplanes vanished here under mysterious circumstances because of this unexplained event this also get  name Devil’s Triangle.
This area is busiest shipping lane in the world. Ships, cruise ship pleasure craft regularly travelled in this area without any harm.
There are many theories which explaining these incident with logic with various approaches. One of them is Compass variations. All compass points towards magnetic north but at Bermuda triangle it point towards true north.
First compass variation recorded in Bermuda triangle in October 8,1492 by Columbus. According to his diary when he checked his compass then compass is giving weird reading but he did not tell this to ship crew because  he did not want to put them into panic. This was good decision at that time .

compass variation diagram
In this area large methane hydrates field exist .Methane decrease the  density of water and  sink a ship.It has been assumed that here periodic methane eruptions occurs that cause such accident.
When Associated Press published article written by Edward Van Winkle Jones at 1950 then modern Bermuda Triangle legend  get begin .According to Jones five US Navy torpedo bombers that disappeared on December 5, 1945, and the commercial airliners “Star Tiger” and “Star Ariel” which missed on January 30, 1948 and January 17, 1949 respectively with 135 person. There is no clue where all that went.
In  1955 book, The Case for the UFO, by M. K. Jessup blames alien for incident because no bodies or wreckage  ship  yet been found.
At 1964, Vincent H. Gaddis who used  the term  Bermuda Triangle claim 1000 people died here.He also accord that it was a pattern of unusual event.
After that at 1970 various publication come with several  books .Critic Larry Kusche  with his book
The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved reported that disappearance cases are not real because they don’t have proper evidence and this area is same as other area which exist on this earth .
Many incident related to region unique weather condition like gulf stream it is extremely   quick and turbulent.Becuase of this nature  it can remove  proof of any accident.
Storms  in  Caribbean-Atlantic cause many accident to pilot and mariners. Human factor also contribute various factor that cause such incident like insufficient knowledge of sailing   in sea.Crossing this area with small boat.