Baby tossing and dropping from feet rooftop ritual

Can you ever imagine that a baby is dropped from a distance of 50 feet and people are gathered down just to grab that baby and their wish of having a baby or their health and wealth will be fulfilled? This is so bizarre, but such kinds of tradition are being practiced in India. At Baba Umer Durga, which is a Muslim shrine near Sholapur, India, so many babies have been dropped from a 50-70 feet building roofs and many men gathered with a cloth to grab that baby.

It is being noted that both the Hindu community and Muslim community parents are participating. They just have a lame belief that this hazardous ceremony of tossing a child will bring good health and wealth for their families.

Hundreds of local villagers gathered at Sri Santeshwar temple near Indi, in Karnataka, just to watch how toddlers were stirred from a real structure on the temple’s balcony onto a material.

It was found that around 200 babies were thrown by their parents every year and the crowd sings and dance. You will be horrify and astonish to know that most of the babies were under 2 years old.

Baby tossing and dropping from feet(1)

This ritual takes place in the first week of December, and the parents believe that it will bring health and luck to new onsets.

Couples participate in this tradition in the hope that they will be fortunate with children.

This ritual is believed to have existed for over a hundred years, although some argue it is seven centuries old. It has freshly met with disapproval from local authorities. The authorities are trying to take strict action and they wanted to ban this ritual, but they fail to do so because of the blind beliefs of so many people.