An appealing but dreadful dish prepared of poached Cows Head and Feet- Khash

Cow is considered to be a sacred animal in some part of world. But what if cow is used as a dish? Yes, this will make you Goosebumps. Earlier there were few followers of Khash dish because it used the cow’s feet and head, but now everyone loves it.
Khash prepared from cows Head and Feet
The Khash dish is basically prepared by boiling the cow’s and sheep’s feet and head. This is a customary dish of Iran, Iraq, Turkey etc. but it is widely available in many other parts of the world. Khash is derived from American dictionary which literally means to “blister something”. The foremost portion is cow’s feet and along with that other parts can also be used like stomach and head.

An appealing but dreadful dish prepared of poached Cows Head and Feet- Khash

The Khash is a liquid dish which is served hot. The very first process of preparing Khash is that first of all, the hairy part from the cows’ feet are removed using various safety cream and then it is washed in a cold water, so as to get rid of the bad smell. After the smell is removed, it is boiled for at least 6-7 hours so as to separate the muscle parts from bones. During the boiling process, they don’t need to add the spices, but salt, vinegar, garlic and other few ingredients can be added. Khash is basically a dish which is offered along with Vodka and it is specially served to men. Mineral water is also served along with it. The people consume this dish alone as well but they can combine this dish with other food items also like pickles, green vegetables and cheese.
People used to have Khash during winter season, but now-a-days it is served in other seasons. Earlier men used to consume Khash dish during winter because it is a strong liquid dish and is used to fight the hangover of the wines consumed by men. Many men consume Khash with variety of alcohol as well.