An Abandoned and Cursed Ghost Village Kuldhara of Rajasthan

We heard many ghost stories where spirits kill or chase people at night but it is fascinating and fighting when we hear stories of places where entire village become abounded at one night. While reading such stories we relate ourselves with story people and start guessing what happened at that night which compels people to leave particular place in one night. Something very weird or threatening event going to be happen at that night which no one wants to be occur.

There is a cursed village name Kuldhara which is 18 kilometers from Jaisalmer Rajasthan of India. It is believed that around 1825 it was the village of Paliwal Brahmins. These Paliwal Brahmins  has ancestral connection with Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmani. It is assumed that Paliwan Brahmin’s was priest of Lord Krishna.

But this story goes around when Paliwal Brahmins was farmer and they accomplished in the art of agriculture and construction. This village was prosperous and thriving than other villages of state.

This village chief has beautiful daughter and discussion of her beauty spread out of Kuldhara and reached at Jaisalmer. The head of Jaislmer Salim singh has been enticed with her beauty and wanted to bring her in his fort. The Salim Singh put pressure on the head and villagers.

At night the villagers called the Panchayat .They were decided to defend the  honor of village and  for that in the night  the whole village went to leave the village.

Kuldhara of Rajasthan

People say before going Paliwal Brahmins cursed the village that now it just will not ever again. Since then, the village has desolated. People say at night ghostly and strange sound heard therefore, the village has put out a large door for day walking around the village but at night no one dare to go in this village.

No strange why people not want to live at this place .They did not want to be pa part of curse given by Paliwal Brahmins. No one knows where entire village shifted after that incident.