Amazing Wood Frog Survive Being Frozen Alive

We know the creature which survive in extreme condition and temperature of sea near hydrothermal vents of sea like Pompeii  Worm. They adopt different strategy like taking help from bacteria to resist from higher temperature by feeding them and giving shelter on their back and survive in a temperature up to 80 degree Celsius.

But you ever thought what happened to species that don’t possess home and live in open area in winter season where temperature is at freezing point. What happened to them during winter season? They die or disappear from earth? Actually some of them freeze themselves almost completely frozen during winter season. Alaskan wood frog  is one of the amazing species which we know capable of freeze themselves during winter season and act like dead body and when spring comes after long winter then amazingly they get alive. They live in North America and their length is between 51 mm to 70mm where females are larger than males.

They stop breathing and their heart stop beating in frozen state of winter season. They seem like dead bodies in frozen state. Their metabolic activity and waste removal process suspended till end of the winter season. They can preserve their bodies in temperature range between -9 degree Celsius to -18 degree Celsius.

How this miraculous phenomena occurs that make wood frog come alive from dead zone. According to scientist wood frog tissue contain high concentration of cryoprotectants in their tissues which are solutes including urea and glucose that lower the freezing temperature of wood frog cell. In other animal  if we expose them to freezing temperature then their cell shrinks and all water become ice crystal as a result of cell death but in case of  wood frog cell not shrinks to death they resist shrinkage because of solute present in their tissue.

When spring arrives then frog melts and repairs its damaged cell. Scientist still not knows how frog heart knows it’s time to beat again?

Wood frog opens the door to discover the way to freeze and unfreeze tissue without damaging them. If we succeed in this discovery then we can transplant human organ in the world’s any corner by freezing them.