Amazing Cuttlefish can spot prey before birth by seeing through Embryo

When we take birth then sight is the most important sense by the help of sight we are able to learn thing with various aspects and make our own perception about specific thing. But before birth when we are within the womb and surrounded by fluid and darkness then our eyes remain closed. But like us not all species kept in dark before birth and Cuttlefish is one of them.
Cuttlefish lays eggs that are initially stained black with ink and with development of embryo the egg swells and outer layer of embryo become translucent .In this phase of life cuttlefish’s eyes are fully formed and developed and they can collect visual information from the outside world to evolve their adult behavior.
Amazing Cuttlefish can spot prey before birth
Like us squid and octopuses strongly rely on visions that are closely related to cuttlefish. The potential to modify color, shape and pattern is the basis for attack, defense and for an amazing system of communication.
In one of scientist research when cuttlefish egg suspended in a middle of shallow tank which has glass sides and opaque plastic floors with the facility to see the embryos that what was in the compartments .One of the compartment filled with crab and other was empty. When eggs hatched then they were put in the tank where view was obscured and provided choice of either crab or sand shrimp for eating after a week of hunger.
Amazing Cuttlefish
They found that youngsters that had been treated to the sight of crabs as embryos preferred crab over shrimp once they had hatched. This is the one of the first case where embryo visually learning things before birth from sight noticed.
Other than this case scientist know that the fetuses of other species like dogs to birds can learn from chemical cues that they detect while they are in the womb. But in case of cuttlefish there was no chemical cue from the crabs and they were clearly learning from sight. Female cuttlefish usually lay their eggs in shallow water and choose sites where hatchlings can easily find potential prey for learning their haunting skill.