Amazing Carpenter Ants Commit Suicide by Exploding at will to Protect their Colony

If someone does sacrifice to save life of dear one then the act is considered heroic and this is very common in human history. But what if animal do supreme sacrifice to protect their loves one by exploding themselves at enemy troop .This seems strange to us because we thought only human have ability to take  extreme decision to take their life. But researcher found that this is also a routine part of some social animal arena where animal take extreme decision to take their life to save their colony.

Welcome to the world of carpenter ants which are highly social being like other ants with hardworking nature. But this is not the thing that put them into the special zone of animal realm where they are known for totally unusual reason.

Carpenter ants belong to Malaysia and Brunei and known as sugar ants as well. Camponotus saundersi is a species of Carpenter ants who can explode at will as an act of ultimate defense.These ant produce defense adhesive secretions from their gland which is many times of size of other ants.

Carpenter ants demolish itself via an internal burst or explosion of an organ which bust the skin. This act of animal also known as Autothysis .Whenever spider or weaver ants attack on their territory they burst and spray a sticky secretion in all directions that entangle and immobilize all nearby target. This adhesive secretions have a color that varies .it may be yellow, cream or white according to the season and diet of ants.


This explosive behavior of ants is very costly for their predators they pay the cost by giving their life but also teach them a lesson that in near future don’t mess with carpenter ants. A valuable lesson taught by carpenter ants to their predators at the cost of their life by exploding at enemy.