Amazing and Unresolved Mysteries of Outer Space

Our earth is negligible part of this universe and as compared with universe we are nowhere. With our curious behavior we always admire to know about extra ordinary phenomena that seems like a dream and break all the law of imagination and still unbelievable and unexplained.

This universe which we know since this decade is full of mysterious astronomical events that we cannot observe in one human life. All celestial objects are very special and possess unexplained enigma.

This enigma always gives courage to go outside our boundaries and search for uncommon object which is uneasy to explain for us. So at this place we will find the untold mystery of celestial object present in our universe and find their unresolved mystery.

1. Hypervelocity Stars which Travel in Space


2. The Largest known Star in this Universe


3. Unexplained Missing Universe Supervoid a Cold Spot in Space


4. Planet with Two Suns with Dual Sun Sets and Rise


5. Unsolved Mystery of Black Hole a Star Eater