Amazing 500-year-old Mummified body of Monk Sangha Tenzing with Teeth and Hair: Gue Village Spiti India

Whenever we talk about mummies or head someone talks about mummies, we only thought of Egyptian movies which are full of mummy’s concept. You might have seen mummy return and various other movies which scare you and you never want to see mummy in your life again. But that is just the dramatic representation of mummy.

But have you ever saw real mummy in real life? The obvious answer is No. Because finding natural mummy in such an extreme hot and cold climate is very rare where everything dies and dries up after few hours.

But let me tell you about the natural mummy which can be seen in Gue village. This Gue village is located in the district of Himachal Pradesh of India, which is Spiti. Here we can find an extraordinary mummy which is preserved for 500 years ago.

This mummy is of Sangha Tenzing, who is known to be a Buddhist monk from Tibet state. Whenever you get a time to visit that place you can find that this mummy is in sitting position. The skin and hair of the mummy is unbroken and undamaged with teeth visible through open lips.


This just looks like real mummy sitting in front of you. This is not a mummy made through chemical procedure but this is natural mummy and it is believed that people during that age started shriveling himself/herself when they were alive.

People living in that place says that when Sangha Tenzing was alive, he stopped eating heavy meal and was taking his breath eating rice, beans etc. which eventually detached the fat from his body and he started becoming lean and thin. During this procedure, he was in sitting position. When he died, he was placed in a dark room and candles were burnt to make the room temperature normal and he was put in the room for at least 3-4 years.

Well that is really cool and at the same time strange to hear and see. But let me tell you one thing that if you ever want to visit this place, you can visit because that place is declared public.