A village with no door where God is Guardian Shani Shinganapur

We have never witnessed any house in India which is totally open and which has no door and not even a lock and key is required. But there is a village in Maharashtra where there are no doors and the people residing over there do no use any kind of lock and key to safeguard their house. Isn’t it strange?

This village is situated about 350 kilo meters away from Mumbai city. People can himself go and visit this strange place. It is almost 60 km away from sacred place Shirdi as well.

This village is known as Shani Shingapur village. There are no doors from so many years. People hardly use any cloth to cover the main entrance but still a curtain can be find in some or the other homes. They believe that alive God Shani is present among them. People use just some kind of furniture or something to keep the house free from wandering animals. Every morning, people who works, they just leave the house unlock and go to their routine work. For these people, Lord Shani is the only sufficient to take care of their homes from thieves or any other mishap. The people living there also believes that if anyone tries to steal anything, he/she has to face the anger of Lord Shani and he/she will pay heavily for committing any kind of crime. When the local people go for any kind of vacations or going for a long trip outside this place, they don’t bother to say their neighbors to keep an eye on their house, because they know that Lord Shani is there to protect the home from any kind of ill happening. There is no police station in that area because there are no thieves reported for so many years. But the place has a high school and a post office.

shani-shignapur-home _without_door