A village where dead children are married

Marriage of people seems normal if it is not for dead people. How you feel while attending dead children marriage as a guest?  But you will be surprised to know that a dead person can get married, this is true. People from Rope-dancing community in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh India still believe in the age old traditions.

The dead children grand wedding ceremony is unique in their custom. The community is following this tradition for centuries .Dolls represent symbolic bride and groom and all the wedding procedure are being performed by them. It is believed that the wedding will confirm their children’s souls continue to rest in peace and also protect them from misery.

It is believed that after performing this custom their dead children not remains unmarried. Family who is performing this ritual also gives dowry as per their social status. They memorize their loved one which is not alive by performing marriage with suitable match.

If family lost his son or daughter at the age of two then family wait until their son or daughter attain marriageable age in future if they alive. After attaining marriageable age they find suitable bride or groom in the region and find family who also lost a child at that time when their son or daughter died.

After getting suitable match of dead one they fix marriage of dead children according to rituals and celebrate this function accordingly. They invite guest and serve them food as per marriage tradition.

Villagers of this community are against child marriage and they do marriage of their children after attending legal age.

No one knows the real purpose of this tradition. In major religion people perform specific ritual for dead person .Ritual after death are common but this custom is rarest in own kind.  People required great strength to perform ritual of death one and marriage is assumed  to  the happiest event of life.

But why people celebrate dead one marriage still have no clue?