A place at Arctic that might someday save humankind: Doomsday seed Vault Svalbard

In Arctic Ocean there is ice-covered islands called Svalbard the last piece of land before the North Pole. These islands are administrated by Norway and known as land of midnight sun here the moon never sets and sun never rises .This place is last stoppage to the journey of the earth according to traveler.

At this island a very special vault is present which refer as doomsday vault which deposits world’s most important assets seeds of all known crops from climate change and nuclear war. Doomsday vault is built to last 10,000 years and its official name is Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It contains 1.5 billion seeds of all the worlds’ crop including everything from agriculture crops.


This is assumed that when all crops will destroy then this vault seeds will help to restart agriculture again for humankind and support life on earth.

Everyone knows crops that we eat are going to extinct one day because extinction exists in all crops. Farmers are using industrial seeds for mass production that cause extinction of family variety of crops which we are using since 1000 of years. Scientist assumes that global warming can cause major crisis in food production from crops and it will put us in great danger and if we don’t save seeds for future then we will lose our earth rich agriculture history that we follow from 1000 of years to produce food from variety of crops.

This vault preserves all variety of seed that human will require to replicating agricultural history to support life after doomsday that may come if some asteroid hits the earth or any nuclear attacks happen to any region of the earth.

The seeds are kept in four-ply sealed envelopes and stored into plastic tote containers on metal shelving racks in the storage rooms where temperature is −18 °C (−0.4 °F).

Svalbard Global Seed Vault - Interior - Seed Repository

Doomsday vault allocated space to every country that exists in this world to deposit its native seed even North Korea made its contribution.

Intent of this vault is preserving the biodiversity of our planet against human and natural disaster and this vault is performing this very well.

This vault is not first one before this there was very important seed bank in Afghanistan that has been looted and destroyed because looters wanted the glass jars of seeds and Iraq’s seed collection was lost in that war. Philippines rice bank was washed away by a typhoon.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault - Interior

End of all these seed banks give inspiration to build a vault like doomsday so that in future this vault will be not affected by such incident and whenever seeds required to anyone then it will serve the humankind. This vault is playing its role in saving humankind from natural and human made disaster.

In 2015 first time seeds from doomsday vault have been withdrawn and sent to Morocco and Lebanon so that Syrian agricultural researchers and scientist can continue their work. This vault is humankind insurance policy which will act when all of us in great risk.