6 Ways to Stay Fit at Workplace

Studies prove that an inactive lifestyle leads to an increased risk for all sorts of diseases and conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Sadly, many of us are stuck at a desk, spend most of our work time escaping the sun, for at least eight or twelve hours a day. Since, we spend more than half of our day at work with consuming excessive sugary snacks and caffeinated drinks.It leads to greater risk of lifestyle diseases.

Read these simple tips on how to stay fit at workplace.


1.Eat breakfast regular and Replace junk food with healthy option.

Starting your day with a wholesome breakfast is going to keep diseases at bay in the long run. Studies suggest that not eating sufficient in the morning can be linked to diabetes risks and obesity. This can be doubly effective if you replace candy bowl with fruit bowls out of sight, out of mind. And it works with junk food. The less you see it, the less you will indulge in it.

2. Hydrate yourself with Water because it is a life saver.

Many people not aware with this fact that water can do magic at workplace.
Make it a routine to take large sips of water at regular interval because it found that people often misinterpret dehydration for hunger and end up eating junk food when they are really need water .It is very usual for somebody to remember drinking water though a busy work schedule or back-to-back meetings. Follow this by making it easier with a bottle of water at your workstation.

3.Purchase fitness gadgets.

There is a range of apps and fitness trackers that prompt you to take your health seriously and monitor your fitness plan. Wearing them to work can help you monitor the number of calories you consumed through the day or count steps you walked. Some may also be able to monitor your stress levels and heart rate. All these apps are social friendly and permit you to share and compete with colleagues and friends. That’s an effortless method to stay fit.

4.When you’re not working, put your gadget down and Get moving.

Sitting in one position for long can not only harm your back but also your flexibility. Taking some time for traveling and yourself or even just sitting on the beach down the street without any electric gadget will vastly decrease your stress levels, in your work and personal life. Try to include as much action as possible through the day. Take the stairs to your office, walk while talking on the phone, practice stretching exercises in your desk or simply go for a walk while discussing with a friend. Small steps can go a long way to change your sedentary life with a more active one.

5.Mediate and take deep Breathe.

Ten deep breadths can do magic and down your heart rate at your desk while working. Meditation will not only clear your mind at workstation, it will also ensure supply of oxygen is reaching your blood stream and lungs.

6.Make friends be social and find a fitness buddy.

Every few hours, get up, walk around and talk to a different coworker for 10 minutes. Your eyes will get a break, blood circulation will refine, muscles will be less tense and you’ll build better connections with your college and employees. Fresh ideas might spark when you are with your fitness buddy or in your friend circle.