5 Simple Stretching Exercises for workplace

In routine people drive to work, sit down at workplace for minimum six hours, drive home, and sit down to read a book or watch TV. This kind of continuous sitting has critical effect on back and spinal column. It also places a burden on the digestive system, internal organ and lungs. So it is advisable to do some stretch exercises during work .It renew tissue circulation, joint mobility and open up the body. Stretches give instant benefit that anyone can feel during work.

Here are some simple stretching exercises that are quick, simple and boost efficiency in effective way.
1. Spinal Twist

Spinal Twist
Keeping seated with your knees in line with one another, keep your left hand on your right knee and turn your entire upper body to the right, looking behind your shoulder. Hold, then turn back and repeat on the other side. This keeps your spine flexible.

2. Forward Bend

Forward Bend
Stand few feet behind your chair. Raise both arms overheard and ‘hinge’ further from your hips, keeping your back straight. Hold on to the back of the chair to keep stable for a few second, then rise back up to stand straight.

3. Stress Ball Squeeze

Stress Ball Squeeze
An oldie, but a good method to improve efficiency. It’s also a good way to get movability your forearms and hands.

4. Overhead Stretch

Overhead Stretch
This one is very simple, as it’s a natural stretch that we all do when we’re feeling a bit tired and stiff. Normally raise your arms above your head, interlock your fingers and push away from yourself.

5. Wrist Stretch

This one’s for those of you who spend most of the time in typing. Simply stand up and place your wrists on the desk so they face away from you, and exert pressure until you feel the stretch. Hold for at least 10 seconds, and then follow with some wrist circles.

Other than this stretch exercises, it is better to stand and walk around every half hour. A speedy walk helps get the circulation going, transferring oxygen and nourishment throughout the anatomy of the body.